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Virtue N-Charge Battery Pack 001
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Virtue N-Charge Battery Pack 004

The VIRTUE N-Charge is an easy to install rechargeable battery pack providing better performance over traditional AA batteries in a lightweight package. Never buy batteries again thanks to the easy USB charging port. Recharge on the fly using your phone charger, laptop, or external battery pack. Never wonder again if your AA batteries have enough juice to get you through the next game. With the N-Charge, simply press the built-in battery indicator button and get an immediate report on how much power you have left.

The VIRTUE N-Charge will power an estimated 20,000 to 50,000 shots depending on the loader used and the type of playing conditions. In general, the NCharge will provide as many shots on your loader as high-end lithium ion AA batteries would, but now you have a built in battery indicator to verify exactly when to recharge. 

If you're not sure if using a rechargeable battery pack for your loader is a good idea, ask yourself, when the last time you bought AA batteries for your phone or camera? The answer is clear, the VIRTUE NCharge is the ultimate solution for powering your loader. It's more cost effective and convenient when you consider how easy and plentiful USB recharging devices already are.

-Easy plug-n-play install
-Includes parts for all Spires (iR, 200, 260, III, 280) & Rotors (R2, Rotor, LTR).
-More consistent performance over AA batteries.
-Built-in battery level indicator
-33% Lighter than AA batteries.
-Improved cold weather performance.
-Up to 20,000-50,000 shots per charge (estimated usage).
-Holds power longer than AA batteries.
-More reliable - won't leak and damage your loader electronics while in storage.
-Less waste - never buy and dispose of batteries for your loader again.
-No recharge memory - ok to partially charge unlike traditional rechargeable batteries.

Virtue N-Charge Battery Pack
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39,95 €*
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